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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, the barrel that makes music play loud

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Wonderboom the small big speaker of Ultimate Ears available in six different colors, including Stone (gray), Phantom (black), Fireball (red), SubZero (blue), Cashmere (pink) and Lilac. It has just been presented by the manufacturer as the ideal speaker for those who are always on the move and do not want to give up music from when they wake up until they go to sleep.

The new case, similar to a miniature barrel, simple to use and has a really powerful sound. It turns on, pairs with your device and presses Play: nothing else is needed. The UE button located at the top of the speaker allows you to start playing the music, pause it, change the song or combine another Wonderboom to double the audio reproduction, with a pleasant stereo effect.

The cash desk adapts to any situation, whether you are by the pool, getting ready for an evening out with friends or having to recover from the last party. If it gets wet, no problem and if it gets dirty just dip it in water (IPX7) and it will come back as new. Like the other speakers of the Ultimate Ears line, Wonderboom offers 360-degree sound even for 10 consecutive hours and up to 30 meters away from the paired wireless device, it also resists falls from a height of one meter. Then there is an interesting ring of elastic rope that improves portability and versatility, allowing it to be attached to a backpack, belt or bicycle.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom will be available from April 12 at a suggested retail price of 99 euros including VAT.

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