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Turn iOS 7 into Android with the 5 best Cydia Tweaks


Turn iOS 7 into Android with the 5 best Cydia Tweaks

If you are fans of Apple products and you can't help it but wink at some Android features here is the guide for you that will guide you to discover the 5 best Tweaks for Cydia to add to your iPhone, iPad or iPod that will allow you to turn iOS 7 into Android.

Obviously the per-requirement of owning the Jailbreak on iOS 7 and therefore you must not have installed iOS 7.1.1 since at the moment it is not yet possible to Jailbreak on the latest update provided by Apple a few weeks ago.

AndroidLock XT

The Android unlock screen is one of those cool ones that iOS doesn't have. In fact, it is possible to set any unlocking method so that our smartphone cannot be unlocked by anyone. From the simple slide, to a combination of numbers or buttons to press. With AndroidLock XT you can set a 3 × 3 grid where you can go to select an unlock sequence just like on android.

Gridlock 2.0

iOS has its home screen stopped from version 1.0 of its OS. Square icons and all on the screen without the possibility of moving where we want, perhaps leaving free spaces. WithGridlock 2.0, which costs about 3.6, you can arrange the icons as best you want on the home just like it does on Android.


HapticPro allows you to activate the vibration every time you press a key on the phone, customizing the vibration according to the keys pressed. HapticPro costs around 2 on Cydia.


ShowCase a small utility for Cydia that allows you to view lowercase letters when writing lowercase and uppercase when writing uppercase. It seems silly but on iOS this function is not present, in fact the letters are always displayed in uppercase and we must throw our eye on the shift key to know if we are writing in upper or lower case.


Android widgets are one of the few things I can't do without. In fact, iOS does not allow you to have comfortable widgets with which to keep an eye on mail, weather, appointments and much more.

ConiWidgets for Cydia you can also have Widgets on iOS 7. The basic widgets are few but on the Cydia store you can download hundreds of them for all tastes so as to give a touch of personality to our iOS. iWidgets you can download it by adding the following repo to Cydia.

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