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Timoria and the Mac: the interview

Have you noticed an apple on the guitar of the singer of a group present at the recent Sanremo Festival? They are Timoria from Brescia and have been carrying that banner for a long time, on the instrument of Omar. Their next album, containing the single "Casamia", s 'titled "An Aldo Anyone on the Magic Train" and the date scheduled for release in stores on April 5th. We are pleased to report the interview given by Diego, drummer, author, Mac user and our reader (thanks!) to learn more about their relationship with the Macintosh.

M: How and when was love for the Mac born?It was born when I purchased my first Mac (I think it was 1994), a Performa 6200 with 17 "monitor, in order to manage and coordinate the then new Timoria website. A friend (Isi) advises me to purchase a computer with colored apple and since then I have never stopped using it and recommending it to everyone. My Performa retired last year giving way to an iMac Special Edition 600Mhz and, for when I'm on tour, to the new iBook 500.M: How did you convince (if needed) the other members of Timoria?Unfortunately I have not yet managed to convince them all but I plan to do it as soon as possible … eh eh eh. In fact, I'm the only computer fanatic within the band even though everyone now has it.M: Why the apple world champion on Omar's guitar?The apple on Omar's guitar appeared at the time of the 2020 Speedball album. The disc, a concept album, spoke of virtual realities. I gave one of the two Apple stickers supplied to my Performa to Omar and he put it on his guitar for the tour … he hasn't taken it off since.M: Did the sticker on Omar's guitar cause you problems at the Sanremo Festival?As you pointed out in the article on Macity of the last few days, the direction has seen well not to make tight shots on Omar's guitar …

M: How do you use Macs for music?I use my iBook to test. In the studio we always used Mac to record and mix.M: What software do you use to compose, record, play etc?

I personally use Cubase Audio and Logic to record auditions or to record when I study drums. In the studio we mainly used Logic and ProTools.

M: Your relationship with the various sites integrated into MacityNet?Definitely excellent, when I have a problem or want to deepen a topic related to the Mac the first site that I always consult with Macity. I send you a photo of me taken in a hotel in Trento during the El Topo tour by Michele Corleone, which we then published in the book "On the Road of Timoria: Michele Corleone's photo diary". Greetings to all Mac users … see you on tour.

Since it is good to arrive twentieth at the Sanremo Festival (among many of the past years, we remember Vasco Rossi), and since listening to the radio, that of Timoria, one of the few singles from Sanremo that are passing, we can only say one thing: congratulations Timoria!