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The rebirth of Netscape?

The rebirth of Netscape? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Is AOL planning to leave Internet Explorer for a new version of Netscape? At the moment among the managers of what, in fact, the largest internet provider in the world, no one confirms and no one denies, but the signs seem to converge in that direction.After the historical, legal contrasts between AOL and Microsoft, which for had not caused any effect on the use of IE as the standard browser for America Online, after the failure to agree in the autumn for the inclusion of IE in the AOL package, now comes the announcement that America Online has launched a series of tests to verify the inclusion of the HTML rendering engine Gecko in its latest connection software, AOL 7.0. The move appears to date to be the clearest indication to date of the desire to seriously evaluate the possibility of abandoning Internet Explorer in favor of the competition which then not so much competition 'Gecko in fact the engine on which the latest versions of Netscape are based, controlled in turn by America Online. "Gecko' tell AOL that with stops beta testing ‘excellent technology. We have invested heavily in it, but at the moment too early to say if and how we will use it in our connection packages "If America Online decides to switch to the Gecko engine for its AOL 8.0, as some suspect, the blow to Microsoft would not be irrelevant. AOL controls 34 million Internet users and in fact Internet Explorer and Redmond would lose the absolute leadership they have today. Above all, they would lose the power to impose the standard with which Internet pages are designed and would be able to influence navigation technologies less than they are allowed today.The choice of AOL could also reignite the battle of browsers as it could mean important investments for the improvement of Netscape, penalized by various types of errors, of programming and marketing, since the acquisition by America Online. All those who continue to look for an alternative to Internet Explorer and the few browsers that contrast Microsoft's dominance on the Internet would benefit from it

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