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The prefabricated houses of WeberHaus support HomeKit

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WeberHaus, the first manufacturer of prefabricated houses, will offer HomeKit support in Europe, as highlighted by the 9to5Mac editorial staff. The company is already known for the construction of smart homes, and already provides a control system with WeberLogic 2.0 and MyHomeControl by BootUp, used to manage the main functions within the four walls.

Support for HomeKit means, however, that the owners of the structures will be able to manage the systems present directly from their iPhone, iPad or Apple from Apple TV, using iPad or Apple TV as a hub. WeberHaus did not specify the products that will be used but suggests that customers will be able to adjust the heating systems, curtains, and the lighting system installed, directly from their iOS devices, as well as other HomeKit-enabled accessories. Other products may be added to the system, including bulbs, and numerous sensors that are already available for purchase.

WeberHaus will begin offering HomeKit support for its new smart homes by the end of the year. It seems that Apple is working hard to support its home automation system; in October, the Cupertino-based company revealed that it was in contact with a number of building contractors in the United States, to implement HomeKit technology within new buildings, in order to accelerate the adoption of the smart home platform. Also in Europe, with WeberHaus, you will soon have HomeKit-enabled houses, to be controlled with iOS devices.