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The Macworld man-camera

The Macworld man-camera – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Macworld in Tokyo is about to close (today on the last day and due to the spindle effect, the fair has now virtually ended) but those interested in taking a look at the news and stands can still do so. The merit of a group of Mac enthusiasts Japanese who have set up a curious video on demand service. "Heart" of the system is a man-camera who, equipped with complex equipment, turns the rooms of the Big Sight allowing to see what he sees. The cameraman had a camera and a microphone and two screens showing both who is in front of him and who is behind him what the camera shows. In addition, he was equipped with a pair of glasses-monitors that allowed him to see what he is filming. An Airport wireless system connected to a Titanium transmitted from the cameraman to a stand from where the images were then placed on the Internet and were visible to the whole world. Live broadcasts have ended but the site, in addition to the live connection, also provides video on demand of interviews and specials that remain online

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