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The Dev-Team releases jailbreak and operator unlock for iPhone 3GS

The Dev-Team releases jailbreak and operator unlock for iPhone 3GS – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the release of purplera1n by George Hotz, the 19-year-old prodigy hacker, the Dev-Team also comes out into the open making available the tools that allow users of the new iPhone 3GS to completely unlock their smartphone. It is redsn0w to jailbreak and thus be able to install applications not authorized by Apple and ultrasn0w software to eliminate the operator block. The team of programmers who for years have released the tools to unprotect iPhone declares that the previous intention to release the software only when Apple had made the Firmware 3.1 available was thwarted with the presentation of purplera1n which in fact exploits the same security bug. The wait initially proposed by the Del-Team was a choice adopted to increase the iPhone 3GS user base and above all to delay the publication of the bug as much as possible, information that Apple can now use to close the flaw and make the solutions so ineffective hacking.

The Dev-Team reports that the current versions of the hack software work not only with iPhone 3GS but also with all previous models. For the latter, Apple could devise solutions that can make the jailbreak and operator unlock solution useless. The Dev-Team finally advises all iPhone users to never proceed with the updates proposed by Apple: in the case of the base band future possible new versions could permanently block the smartphone without any possibility of return. In addition to Mac OS and Windows, the new software released by the Dev-Team now also works for the first time on Linux. For all information on ultrasn0w and resn0w, refer to this post on the official Dev-Team website.

Recall that if the jaibreak can make some sense for the iPhones sold in Italy (at least for those who love the "hacking" and the installation of programs not authorized by Apple), the operator unlocking completely useless since the Italian iPhones can be used with any SIM. The speech is different for those who have an iPhone purchased abroad, perhaps a first generation iPhone …

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