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The 88 record songs with the iPhone

The 88 record songs with iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The telephone is our voice and much more. For the 88s an irreplaceable tool to do new things. The American trio (guitars, drums and keyboards: a classic) tried to see what could be done using the iPhone as a recording tool. Both as regards the use of the other "real" instruments (connect keyboards and guitar, use the microphone for the voice) and as regards the use of virtual instruments.

To give them support in the recording activity "on the fly" Four Track status, multitrack of a certain level, capable of recording from traditional iPhone audio sources on a single track of good quality. Together with the software and the iPhone, the band used "lo-fi" tools, such as the cheap Yamaha keyboard, cheap guitars, mignon training amplifier, the microphone of the phone itself (the option to use an external one was attempted but not liked).

16 separate tracks were needed to record the song, which the program then allows you to export from the phone using the Wi-Fi connection directly to a computer. At this point, explains the band that currently on tour with the B52, Pro Tools was used to do the mixing and final adjustments. The end result will go on sale on iTunes and is called "Love Is The Thing". The video on YouTube allows you to see the making of this recording.

Four Track available on the App Store for 7.99 euros.

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