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Subscribers to the Macity Newsletter can win a MacBook and an iPhone

Subscribers to the Macity Newsletter can win a MacBook and an iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

If you are subscribed to the Macitynet Newsletter, you have the opportunity to participate in the first competition on the Internet entirely dedicated to iPhone, iPod and Mac owners.

As we know, it was our site that launched prizes worth 5227 euros (excluding VAT). These include a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPod touch followed by a long list of awards that can only be defined as 'minor' for convenience as our sponsors (Adobe, Belkin, Elgato, Lacie, Logitech, Microsoft and Nova Media) they offered a very rich and precious kit in software and hardware.

Participate very simple. Those who subscribe to the newsletter simply have to answer a questionnaire and will automatically be included in the list of participants. Those not registered for the newsletter also have the opportunity to join; it will be enough for you to fill in the same questionnaire and in the end you will be subscribed to both the questionnaire and the newsletter.

Remember that you can unsubscribe from the newsletter when you wish, but whoever deletes his address before the end of the competition is also eliminated from the participation itself. A real shame since it costs nothing to participate and given the level of prizes to be won.

To participate in the competition start here. important to do early. The competition will end on July 31st.

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