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Sonnet Harmoni brings old iMacs to the Digital Hub

Sonnet Harmoni brings old iMacs to the Digital Hub – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sonnet presented yesterday, in the context of the Macworld Expo in Tokyo, a new model of its Harmoni boards.The update aimed at owners of old iMacs for the versions between A and D which not only provides a more powerful 600 MHz processor , but also a series of innovations that the first desktops of the series did not have. Among the most relevant we report the presence on the card of a FireWire port. "The Harmony card * they tell Sonnet * introduces the owners of the first iMacs to the digital hub strategy." In fact, thanks to the FireWire port and the speed of the processor, it is possible to use all the latest Apple software products, such as iMovie and iTunes, but also to connect digital cameras and the MP3 MP3 player.It should also be noted that the processor, an IBM G3, it has 256kb of cache memory directly on board and that the card is also 100% compatible with Mac OS X. Up to 512 KB of RamGli iMac capable of using Harmony can be added are those at 233, 266 and 333 MHz. price list of the card was set by Sonnet in 399 USD. For more information see this page.

Sonnet products are distributed in Italy by Iceberg Technologies.

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