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Skype asks the EU for help to free VoIP

Skype has today issued an invitation to European regulatory bodies to ensure that users of mobile phones are not prevented from using the VoIP services provided by the company also on mobile devices.

The topic of current relevance: with increasing possibilities of access to data networks (cell phones but not only) from terminals such as the iPhone itself, inevitable as telephone operators see any VoIP service as a threat, which could take them away many minutes of calling.

In this regard, we recall how T-Mobile had "threatened" its customers in Germany with immediate termination of the contract if it caught them using Skype on the iPhone, not only via 3G but also via Wi-Fi, citing reasons for qualitative nature. As we had already pointed out, T-Mobile's reasons were not particularly convincing; More convincing, however, is the fact that the German carrier has a purely economic interest in blocking Skype, which could be a real competitor via the iPhone application.

The Telecommunication Commission was rather perplexed by T-Mobile's statements: “Discrimination of VoIP by operators with significant market power cannot be tolerated by national regulatory authorities; T-Mobile's attitude represents exactly this discrimination, "said Commissioner Viviane Reding. In addition, the same attitude would violate antitrust rules, as it would hinder competition.

For its part, Skype admits that it does not understand the attitude of operators such as T-Mobile, who should push applications capable of exploiting an advanced data network, considering applications such as Skype as a further winning weapon to attract users.

The challenge therefore began, and it is hoped that in the end users will not always be the only ones to pay the consequences of these market conflicts.