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Sengled Snap, the intelligent LED that monitors the home

Sengled Snap, the smart LED that monitors the home – Sengled Snap

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Sengled presents the new model of Sengled Snap LED bulb, a device that combines a low energy LED with a wireless camera capable of shooting in HD. Sengled's new integrated lighting system can be used in the garden, garage or corridor to illuminate the affected area and to guarantee home security. Thanks to the camera's ultra-wide-angle lens, Sengled Snap guarantees a wide field of view so that all the footage can be stored and viewed in real time in the Cloud database (online).

The areas monitored by Sengled Snap can be monitored thanks to the Sengled app (free and available for iOS and Android), ensuring control of your home even when you are away from home via smartphone. In case of poor visibility, the infrared LEDs integrated in the device guarantee an always clear image. Sengled Snap also features an integrated microphone, perfect as a video camera for children: also suitable for outdoor spaces as it is waterproof and resistant to dust and dirt.

The basic package of Sengled Snap includes the free 90-day trial version of the cloud (with streaming video of the last 24 hours) and already available in Italy at a price of about 160 euros. The Sengled Snap Basic Plus package gives you the opportunity to choose (via a monthly fee) the duration of the streaming video on the cloud: 3.50 euros with the last 24 hours of video, 6.50 euros for the last 7 days of video and € 18.50 for the last 30 days.

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