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Self-destructing messages, Whatsapp tests the function

A function would be arriving that would add a timer on the messages in order to make them disappear

After the dark theme that has been available for a few days, Whatsapp tests a function of self-destructing messages, a feature present in many other programs and which allows you to send content, which, after a certain period of time, will erase itself. We are of course referring to possibility to write a chat or send any file or audio to a contact or to a group deciding toset a self-destruct timerwhich makes it no longer accessible once the countdown reaches zero.

Withthe last anticipationpublished by always well informed ofWabetainfo, we are in front of what users really want, something that has been offered for some time since time immemorial on apps like Snapchat and more recently also on Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

messages that self-destruct whatsapp

Self-destructing messages? The very simple operation, on private or normal chats, you can set a timer on an element that leads it to cancel itself foreverafter an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. How useful is this? There are various possible applications ranging from private content to a simple cleaning of river conversations that can thus remain streamlined even after months and months, if not years.

When will it reach the general public?You can't give it 100% safethat really will be implemented, but really too long that the function actually in beta versions, so you can be optimistic about its short release within this year.