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Roxio releases Toast with Jam for professional Audio CDs also on X

Toast with Jam includes both Toast Titanium which is able to create CDs of any type, Video CDs and DVDs and also to create Master CDs generated by Jam.Jam 5 allows you to prepare the tracks to obtain a one hundred percent Audio CD compatible with Red Book specifications. It is possible to create dynamic crossfades between tracks, modify the PQ subcodes, adjust the gain for each channel of each track, cut the length of the tracks with precision … BIAS Peak LE VST is also included in the package : to be used for non-destructive waveform modifications (the original remains intact) to improve or add effects to the music to be managed then with Jam.It is possible to add reverbs, soften the dynamics peaks and create other effects thanks to the compatibility with the VST plugin.

The software is obviously compatible with Mac OS X

The supported formats are AIFF, WAVE, MP3 and SoundDesigner II (it is also possible to manage the regions of SoundDesigner II) – Native support for 24-bit audio. – Smart dithering functionality, for a conversion from crystal clear sounds on CD – E It is possible to edit audio in real time without expensive hardware – It is possible to take advantage of every feature in the Red Book Audio CD specifications with crossfade, normalization, gain adjustment, insertion and modification of index points, printing of track sheets. The finished project is sent to Toast 5 Titanium, and the cd is recorded in the background as you proceed with other work. All Toast Titanium applications are included in the package in addition to Toast, Jame and Peak LE: CD Spin Doctor, iView Media, Panic Audion, Magic Mouse Discus, examples of music and photos.

The configuration required is Power Macintosh, Mac OS v9.1 or higher, Mac OS X v10.1.2 or higher, 16 MB of RAM.

Roxio products are distributed in Italy by Tournover.