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Roomba 900 Series use iPhone and Android to map house cleaning

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How do you know if the automatic vacuum cleaner has really cleaned every corner of the house? Who owns a Roomba vacuum cleaner of the 900 Series, from today will have the map of the clean house directly on the smartphone, thanks to the new update of the iRobot HOME app (for iOS and Android). The new feature, called the Clean Map, shows the clean surface and areas where dirt was concentrated and on which the vacuum cleaner has cleaned. The robot, in essence, combining adaptive navigation with visual localization, maps the user's home: this is the central point of technology.

Currently the problem with the smart home and connected devices is that they are too difficult to use. There are wonderful voice interfaces such as those of Amazon (Alexa, ed) and Google that allow you to speak with the house and, to the latter, to understand our words explains Colin Angle CEO of iRobot But if the house does not know where the kitchen is located , what's the point in turning on the lights in the kitchen? Of course, you can program your own lights to let the system know which ones are in the kitchen, but it's also true that the average consumer doesn't really want to program. According to the company, the mapping carried out by the vacuum cleaner could in the future be potentially exploited to make the home known to the smart system and connected devices.

According to what is learned, the integration of Amazon Alexa is also planned, which will allow users to control Roomba's 900 Series through more intuitive voice commands. The addition of this feature, although it is already practically ready, is expected to arrive in the second quarter.

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