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Rise of the Lost Empires: adventure and strategy in real time on iPhone / touch

To start playing Rise of the Lost Empires, it is not necessary to pass a tutorial phase separate from the game: if we want to have clear ideas before starting, just read a few lines of the instructions that explain the fundamentals and immediately dive into the first game screens. Even the reading of the instructions, however, is not indispensable: the simple techniques for the control and the mechanisms of the title are explained directly within the first screens, in this way the player immediately involved in the adventure and learns to know the controls and functions as they occur throughout history. So without the player almost realizing it Rise of The Lost Empires manages to create what unfortunately is missing in numerous games even on computers and consoles and which require an entire DVD: involvement. In no time we are called to lead a hero and his troop, to discover the surrounding terrain to shed light on the mysterious locations, displayed in large black spaces surrounding the known area and marked in black also on the terrain map. To proceed simply indicate with a tap of the finger the desired destination, with two fingers draw a rectangle around the troops and the hero to create a small army composed of the selected elements and from this point onwards can be managed as a single unit.

An adventure that immediately involvesThe curiosity of exploration, the challenge represented by the orcs stationed in the black areas to be explored and precisely in the corner where we least expected them, the territories to be claimed and immediately colonized with farms and defensive positions: the involvement effect must as much to the history and design of the levels as to the controls created by experts and perfectly tailored for the Apple multi-touch paperbacks. The involvement and fun offered by Rise of the Lost Empires in our opinion justify the purchase of the title, leaving everything else in the background, especially the expectations created by the developer in the showcase on the App Store where the program is defined as a game of real-time strategy, indicated with the initials RTS from the initials of the English terms.

First the adventure, then the strategyThose who buy Rise of the Lost Empires hoping to find the same thickness of the game on iPhone and touch and every detail of the most renowned titles in real time strategy for computers and consoles is likely to be disappointed. In the recent Gameloft title the technical realization, as per the tradition of the House, impeccable both from a graphic point of view and as regards the controls. There are also the main elements of the genre that have contributed so much to the success of the RTS on traditional platforms: the simultaneous control of different units, individual heroes with special powers and above all the ability to control in turn knights, archers, buildings to be built and so on. In any case, in Rise of The Lost Empires the main elements are adventure and exploration, while real-time management and the strategic side are only secondary. For this reason, the description offered on the App Store in which the title is defined as a real RTS is a little misleading and above all capable of generating expectations that are only partially maintained.

Fans looking for a purely strategy title in which tactics and resource management represent the central node of the game thus risk being upset. Our advice is to fly over the description offered on the App Store and concentrate on the merits of the game itself. Even strategy fans who don't mind a well-crafted adventure set in a credible fantasy world would do well to take a look at the game. For all players instead of regardless of categories and definitions, they are looking for a compelling title that can offer several hours of fun, Rise of The Lost Empires is an application to be seriously considered.

Free trial and full versionA test ride so highly recommended to any type of player bearing in mind that Rise of the Lost Empires also available in a free lite version. For adventure lovers who prefer to squeeze their brains to find the winning strategy, rather than solving puzzles on puzzles, the purchase of the full version for 3.99 euros is an expense we will not regret.