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Razer announces the new Hammerhead earphones ready for iPhone 7

Hammerhead, type of Razer in-ear headphones (a brand we have dealt with a lot in these pages), evolves and becomes natively compatible with iPhone 7, both as a Bluetooth model and with a Lightning connector, in two new versions that will arrive on the market one at a time short, the other l in the course of the year.

Hammerhead BT, the first model, will feature a pair of 10mm drivers' own in-ear earphones, the same mounted on the wire models Hammerhead v2 and Hammerhead Pro v2, with a declared battery life of 8 hours, with iOS compatibility and Android.

In particular, the presence of 10 mm drivers promises a very high frequency range compared to the standard on the market, stabilized at about 6 mm: in addition to this, in-line controls and a microphone to be able to answer calls without ever touching the smartphone. The look of the headphones in full Razer style, with black and green colors.

Hammerhead inLightning

The other novelty are the HammerheadLightning headphones, interesting because, with the advent of iPhone 7, the headphone jack (which will still remain in the Hammerhead v2 and Hammerhead Pro v2 models) can only be used through an adapter. Hammerhead for iOS, this is the name, basically an in-ear wired headset with Lightning connector, compatible with iPhone 7 but also with all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch with this connector (so from iPhone 5 onwards). The look here is a little different, with the bright green cables dominating on black (while the Bluetooth version appears darker) also with the side logo in plain sight also in this case.

In addition to the color, the iOS model also has a custom-adjustable DAC converter that uses the iPhone's digital output for more full-bodied and detailed audio than the anonymous output without optimization achievable with a 3.5 ″ jack . For the rest, both models see common characteristics, such as the response frequency from 20 HZ to 20 KHZ (with impedance 32 15%), 10 mm driver, omnidirectional microphone, volume control and local playback (although in some functions they are different) and a 63 cm cable for the Bluetooth headphones (which wraps around the neck) and 130 cm for the Lightning headphones, the same as the analog version.

Hammerhead BT is already available as we write these lines at, while the Lightning model expected later in the year (but users can request an availability notice).

The iPhone App, which will allow you to edit the sound response of the integrated DAC