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QNAP, NAS flies to Italy thanks to diversification

Brioche and Nas. They were the dishes brought to the table today by QNAP, one of the protagonists of the world NAS market and in Italy for Home, Professional and Enterprise, a meeting with the press in Milan at which our magazine was also present.

QNAP has a position of excellence, gained and consolidated also in 2016 with an increase in turnover of over 16%, reaching 14 million euros and 45,000 units sold (corresponding to about 50% of total sales), a leadership at the base of which there is undoubtedly a strong presence in the area and a good relationship with distributors and shopkeepers, which QNAP retains through multi-level training and certification processes, which correspond to events and discounts on the units.

A few moments at the beginning of breakfast

But what matters – explains the company – above all the high quality and the assortment of products: QNAP stands out in fact for a very detailed offer and also in strong movement, as on the other hand our most faithful readers have seen over time given the numerous reviews that we made, here the last one, a few days ago, especially for the presence of two Thunderbolt 2 ports on the NAS.

QNAP is a brand also very active in research and development, and as such also in the active proposal of solutions that also look beyond the classic use of the NAS: there are models in today's offer with USB 3, Thunderbolt 2 and 3 input ports and also with ports 10 Gbps network.

Also noteworthy is the release of the new QTS 4.3 operating system, already installed in the most recent machines, which certifies the importance that the software offers for this type of device, as the solutions can be more or less similar but the way they interface with the user who often determine its efficiency.

The presence of QNAP in Italy, compared to the competition

Breakfast was also a way to see some of the news presented at CES and CeBit, such as the new TVS-1282T3 with Thunderbolt 3 (of which we had previewed here), which seems designed for the new MacBook Pro.

But also the particular TBS-453, a travel NAS suitable for those who often find themselves meeting or mobile coworking around the world, and need a powerful station to be mounted on the fly.

A graph showing the architecture of QTS the operating system of the QNAP NAS

And finally also the TVS-882BR, which also integrates an optical reader, a wide-ranging model therefore, for particular needs in sectors where the discs in question have not yet set.

QNAP NAS have become thanks also to the QTS architecture today version 4.3, archiving and backup tools also in the cloud, certified for virtual environments and with advanced multimedia features, an ever-growing portfolio with 12 families of NAS that responds to performance needs, security and accessibility underlines Alvise Sinigaglia, QNAP Business Development Manager.

The meeting ended with some technical and market considerations on the NAS business, for which we will report some data in the next reviews ,: in the meantime, we remind readers that we have prepared a small guide to the best NAS on the market in time for Christmas last, but still valid (where you can find different QNAP models for different sectors, from Home to Professional).