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Put a mural on your iPhone

Put a mural on your iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Expression of thought, fascinating shapes and colors. Murals have long been a recognized and canonized art form, no longer simple vandalism, when they encode and touch certain artistic cords of those who make them and those who see them. In our cities there is no shortage and, with a simple photograph, they can become a piece of artistic expressiveness that accompanies us in our pockets.

Why not turn them into wallpaper for the iPhone? Any image can become one, but those taken directly from the phone's camera are already optimized for the size of the small multitouch screen. So here comes the competition to find the best and redistribute them on the net.

The non-profit iPhoneAndGo team organizes it. No tacky or banned images. The purpose of transforming, by July 23, all the images collected in wallpaper for the iPhone and creating an archive from which you can choose the most interesting. In addition to preserving the mural memory of this particular art form.

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