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Professional Police Training: become a sharpshooter on iPhone and touch

Professional Police Training: become a sharpshooter on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Compared to the countless games that use iPhone and touch to shoot with a tap of the finger on the touch screen, Professional Police Training offers 5 different game modes directly inspired by the training of police schools for the training of the chosen shooters. In tests, the player so called to improve the accuracy of the shot to use in the best possible way a limited number of shots. The second game-training mode tests the speed of rapid reaction to events, measuring the speed of shooting at the targets. The third training, on the other hand, aims to improve recognition of the shooter on the fly based on shapes and colors. The last two sections, on the other hand, test the player's ability to assess the situation and make quick shooting decisions to distinguish thugs and hostages, finally in the fifth mode with a speed test.

Professional Police Training does not require reading a manual and is fun from the first moments of the game but to master all 5 sections you need a good dose of training. Recall that on the App Store also available the free lite version while the full version proposed at the price of79 cents.

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