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Price increases also for Dell

Price increases also for Dell – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple is increasingly alone in dealing with rising component and peripheral costs. The price sector of the PC market, in fact, is boiling as evidenced by the succession of announcements of price increases or cuts in configurations. Yesterday the news that Dell, one of the most aggressive OEMs on the market as regards prices, is also operating to keep its margins at acceptable levels. The precise data and the machines that have undergone the changes are not easy to obtain because Dell has a policy that allows you to configure its PCs in a very flexible way, but an analysis of ARS shows that a basic Dell setup currently costs more than it cost a few days ago. The demonstration that even Dell is subjected to increasing price pressure in the costs of machines being renewed. For example the Dimension 8200 went from $ 990 to $ 1440. Even if the processor increased in speed from 1.7 GHz to 2 GHz, the event of a cost increase on the upgrade of a machine that is in the same market range as a previous one is a decidedly unusual fact. rather marked turbulence in the price sector that it is Dell that is actually making an increase in prices. In the past, Roundrock has always made price leverage one of its competitive factors in the market. According to some sources Dell, during a meeting held next week with its investors, could provide details on the operations that will make it necessary to deal with an increase in the costs of some key components.

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