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Plantronics Italia inaugurates the new headquarters: the office is more beautiful and welcoming than a home

rare to enter an office never seen before and feel immediately at ease: inaugurated on Thursday 6 April in Vimercate, the new headquarters of Plantronics Italia more than a workplace looks like a Milanese loft in the latest fashion in terms of interior design and furniture, but above all welcomes employees, dealers and customers in an environment that gives the sensation of being in a warm and welcoming home.

After passing the gigantography of a full-walled forest and an exhibition of Plantronics headphones and earphones, at the entrance we are immediately greeted by a large sitting area, with comfortable sofas and chairs all arranged around a console console complete with Playstation 4, mega TV screen and joypad to try immediately together with Plantronics headphones dedicated to gamers. So having crossed the threshold, guests are free to sit on an inviting sofa in front of the TV, or choose the kitchen area behind them. fully equipped with an American table, abundant fruit baskets and everything you need for a quick coffee or a more substantial snack.

Warm colors everywhere, a wallpaper we would like in the living room at home, natural wood on many walls. The details are infinite, but the most important thing is the final result: inside the new Plantronics Italia headquarters, it is fine and, when it is time to leave it, a little sorry. We do not want to imply that employees will have the same feeling after a long day of work, but the effect is out of the question because the result of teamwork of experts in various sectors, a fortune for Italian employees of the US multinational corporation specializing in headphones and microphones since since 1961.

plantronics italia mia 30Starting from left Daniele Andriolo, manager global facilities & workplace services, Ilaria Santambrogio, country manager Italy, Joe Burton, president and CEO of Plantronics, Darrin Caddes senior vice president design of Plantronics

The inauguration in which Macitynet attended, Joe Burton, Plantronics president and CEO, Darrin Caddes senior vice president design, of which we publish a full interview in a separate article, Paul Clark managing director Europe and Africa, Daniele Andriolo, manager global facilities were present & workplace services, Ilaria Santambrogio, country manager Italy and the complete Italian team. During the brief and informal inauguration ceremony The managers explained how and why the new Plantronics Italia headquarters is a concept office, a cutting-edge smart working model not only in the European and global context for the multinational company that created it, but also for all the most attentive and dynamic companies, also in offering the best possible working conditions for their employees, an investment in terms of people's well-being that is also good for team work, productivity and finally results.

Thus we discover that since the conception there has been the precise intention of the Plantronics management to create an office that does not seem such, but an open and welcoming space according to the definition of Daniele Andriolo, Manager of Global Facilities & Workplace Services. Plantronics has applied years of research and experience to solve some of the most important communication and acoustic challenges. Since 2012 we have been spending more and more time exploring the Smarter Working approach and moving forward with a holistic strategy that helps people to be more engaged, productive and happy in the workplace – explains Joe Burton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Plantronics – That was the goal to design the office to create a great environment for our employees to grow; it was an opportunity to bring our vision of a modern workplace to life.

We were animated by the idea of ​​opening spaces in a fluid way – declares Ilaria Santambrogio, Country Manager of Plantronics Italia – Plantronics' Italian office today an open and flexible office, designed to host customers, partners, resellers, so that everyone feels at home. home in a cozy and comfortable space. Under the guidance of Daniele Andriolo and Darrin Caddes, SVP Design, the project was created by the MQA MetroQuadroArchitetti studio in Milan, curated by Arch. Daniela Carta, owner of the studio, and her team Arch. Marianna De Vivo and Arch. Irene Pacioni.

plantronics italia mia 331The awarding of the commemorative plaque to the brilliant architects of the MQA MetroQuadroArchitetti studio in Milan: Daniela Carta, Marianna De Vivo and Irene Pacioni in the center from the right

The Plantronics offices extend over an area of ​​400 square meters: before the works, the room was a traditional rectangular office space, an empty and perfect parallelepiped, but this is no longer visible. Thanks to the extensive use of curved windows and custom-made furnishings, numerous functional environments and areas have been created, such as the living room and kitchen described above, but of course also meeting rooms of different capacities to accommodate a restricted meeting for two or three colleagues, up to meetings with dozens of people.

Even more surprising that the presence of numerous people at work in the various areas, with the relative noises, never annoys neighboring colleagues. We personally experienced this during the inauguration: although the new venue was stormed by a crowd of guests, it is always possible to isolate yourself and concentrate on work or relaxation in one of the many areas available. In addition to design and architecture, acoustics, soundproofing and noise suppression also played a fundamental role in the design: every material and detail for the false ceiling, the carpet and all the coatings used were selected to meet the acoustic standards related to well-being in the workplace.

There is no rigid division of areas: employees, guests, collaborators and customers can live a space suitable for smart working in a free way, choosing to work on the American-style kitchen table, in the relaxation area, on one of the tables distributed in the various spaces or in a meeting rooms with different capacities or in the informal and welcoming lounge area of ​​the break area, equipped with two large tables and audio-video connectivity, which can host larger meetings. Everyone is free to decide the workstation based on the type of activity to be carried out: concentrate, brainstorm or connect in conference call. Even the height-adjustable desks are not personal: they can be changed from time to time and chosen according to the inspiration of the moment.

The studied use of vibrant colors in combination with natural wood gives the space characteristics of vitality and positivity and, at the same time, of sobriety and elegance. Collaboration and conviviality in real time are also ensured with colleagues from other European locations thanks to the Watercooler, an always active video conferencing system that connects the break areas of all Plantronics smart working offices in real time.

Housed in a new building with high environmental sustainability inside the Energy Park of Vimercate, which will soon receive the Leed Platinum certification, the offices are designed with particular attention to the sustainability of the materials. Maximum use of natural light from the windows, combined with the installation of LED lights, perfectly in line with the principles of environmental sustainability. Likewise, the chosen Interface carpet made of 100% recycled materials, thanks to the use of nylon from the fishermen's nets of Southeast Asia.

Acoustics and sustainability do not penalize the aesthetic aspect: the design lighting customizes the different functional areas in an original way, giving a totally Italian touch to the environment. The final touch will be the installation of a wall with a waterfall: position, height and noise produced are all studied in detail. In addition to introducing a natural element in the office, transparency and lapping of water promote concentration at work and contrast the distraction due to background noise. The new headquarters of Plantronics Italia an enviable workplace.