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Once upon a time there was Halo for Mac. Will there still be?

Once upon a time there was Halo for Mac. Will there still be? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

We still have in our eyes the presentations of Halo, an absolutely innovative game especially in graphics, which several Macworld Expo shows us in the United States: a lot of water passed under the bridges, one of the events that took place was also the purchase of Bungie (which produces Halo ) by Microsoft.

Some time ago Bungie reassured the Mac user, but there is the risk of forgetting the promises that do not materialize.Microsoft recently also presented the XBOX and Halo console in Europe one of the key games of its launch, proof of this are the commercials (some also very beautiful) that it is impossible not to cross on one of our television channels. Just the commercial related to Bungie for XBOX caught our attention: in the upper left corner there is the following wording "ONLY FOR XBOX".Mindful of the Bungie managers who had perjusted that Halo would also be ready in a Mac version (to be honest, the Mac was the first platform taken into consideration, the XBOX was then still only in Bill Gates' dreams), we are still waiting, but these signals worry those who love video games, perhaps they should also worry Apple that in video games has many hopes of spreading the Mac.In every print medium that has spoken of XBOX these days, this game was mentioned for the console of Microsoft, in version On the Bungie-Halo forum site there is a banner where the door of hope is still open: "Mac / PC versions still in progress" (Mac / PC versions still in progress), but it is now years and already the promise of contemporaneity with XBOX now relegated to the past. The Mac world asks only one thing: tell us the truth.

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