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Old Macs, nothing is thrown away.

Old Macs, nothing is thrown away. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Invest in cellars, attics and garages, but not to stow cars, pots or sofas, put the old Macintosh and do not forget the original boxes even if a little yellowed. Who does not already do it for pure Mac-fanaticism, should start thinking about it , the stimulus comes from what happened a few days ago on eBay, the forerunner of online auction sites. Five hundred and thirty-six dollars what the longtime Mac user, David Hastings, earned for the box (complete with anti-shock polystyrene and various original plastic bags) of an old Macintosh 128K that had been in the attic for over 18 years. It seems that some collectors are willing to pay a lot and it is reasonable to believe that it is an Italian, given that his Nickname on eBay "Grandhoteldelleterme". If he were our reader, show up, we would really like to know him.

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