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New property for Apple distributor in Greece (iPhone 3GS arrives)

Good news or, at least, hope for good news for Greek Apple users. The Mac community of the nearby Mediterranean country seems to have reached a turning point in the troubled relationship with the contested and controversial Raimbow; the company that until now has been the exclusive local distributor of the Apple changes hands and is sold by the Vamialis family to Infoquest, a large company that deals with the distribution of IT products.

The sale of the property will coincide with the creation of a new ad hoc company called iSquare whose task will only be to distribute Apple products. To request the creation of the new reality would have been Cupertino who is not present directly in Greece but uses an exclusive distributor who was previously Raimbow and will now be iSquare.

Recall that, as repeatedly written by our site, Raimbow had been at the center of controversy and disputes by fans and even simple users of the platform. The lack of a direct presence has given rise to very lively complaints with accusations of delays in repairs, problems of supply of new products, unjustified top-ups, lack of assistance on a par with that of users in other countries. Greek users were even forced to pay extra to have a localized operating system available. Among the initiatives linked to these unpleasant phenomena we mention the launch of a petition eloquently entitled "We want Apple Greece".

The arrival of iSquare (which will have a three-year exclusive for the distribution of Apple products) could change the situation and revive the fate of the Apple in a country that once had a large percentage of Mac computers but that lately, perhaps also for a certain disinterest of the parent company has lost interest in the platform.

Meanwhile, our friend and reader Christos Robotis, always on the subject of Apple, is reporting the iPhone landing in Greece for July 31st (image below). The second Cosmote operator will presumably adjust, launching iPhone on the same date.

Recall that iPhone 3.0 has introduced full support for the Greek language; For its part, Apple has also made the iPhone manual available in Greek, a language previously not provided for.