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Nearest Tube finds London Underground with augmented reality

Nearest Tube finds London Underground with augmented reality – logomacitynet1200wide 1

For some time we have heard of augmented reality, military and civil applications including video games that exploit the remarkable computing capabilities available today also in pocket devices to display information and offer new services by displaying them in super-impression on images captured in real time. The first application to take advantage of augmented reality for iPhone is about to land on the App Store and is called Nearest Tube.

Developed by acrossair Nearest Tube, it allows you to locate the London Underground station closest to you using the compass, GPS and video capabilities of the iPhone 3GS. Instead of traditional 2D maps and plans, including Google Maps as standard on the smartphone, Nearest Tube completely based on video functions. Once the program has been launched, the complete London Underground map is displayed on the iPhone screen, this when the user holds the smartphone facing the room towards the floor. By tilting the smartphone, the camera frames the street and buildings in front of the user while Nearest Tube displays a series of textual pop-ups superimposed on the real images, in which the name of the nearest metro station appears, the distance to be traveled to reach it finally also the line to which it belongs. By further tilting the iPhone, the software also displays the metro stations furthest from the current position.

The developers, already known and appreciated in the UK for TVguide an excellent free software for the consultation of the UK television schedules, declare that Nearest Tube has already been submitted to Apple for approval. Within a few days, residents of London equipped with iPhone 3GS will be able to experience augmented reality on their smartphones. Below we insert the YouTube video that shows how Nearest Tube works.

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