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MPlayerOSX 1.1: the universal video player

There are several Open Source players for reading video files on Mac in addition to the "normal" Quicktime Player such as the very comfortable VideoLan but a crucial point for Mac users in search of ultra compressed archives the possibility to enjoy all but really all the DivX without any conversion type: MPlayerOSX is able to read them directly from CD.

This is because the application is not linked to Quicktime, it can also manage audio tracks without pre-converting the MP3 or WMA stream. Previous DiVX players, although efficient as DivOSX, operating under QuickTime, required the preparation of the archive with Avi2Mov or Divx Doctor or worse still extract the audio with getMP3 from terminal and then paste it on the video track via Quicktime Pro.

The player comes directly from an application for the Linux world: MPlayer, this is its name, was created, or rather "brought" by a Czech student who recompiled the source for correct operation under Mac OS X source and added a totally Cocoa interface implemented the version of MPlayer for OSX also "user-friendly".

On the other hand, the player is able to read, even on Linux, the QuickTime movies and obviously also the DiVX archives previously converted for players such as DivOSX and with audio track in MP3.

It is however capable of playing all the most used video formats (MPEG 1-4, DivX, Xvid, AVI, ASF, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, RealMedia, QuickTime Movies, Mpeg Layer 1-3, AC3, WindowsMediaAudio, etc.) and subtitles also anti aliased of different types (MicroDVD, Subrip UTF, SUB, SRT, SMI, RT, TXT, SSA, VobSub, etc.). the Mac OS X version of MPlayer, the video player born on Linux. version includes 1.1 the latest binary files of the codecs (you don't have to carry out other downloads or installations via terminal in the library) and it is therefore presented as a standalone application.

Feature concerned the high quality of postprocessing with a filter that reduces the squaring of the pixels providing a better result than that of VLC.

Thanks to the latest version of the player we were able to reproduce the file "dog.avi" (Umbrian Advertising) considered a real "black beast" of Avi playback on Mac. Absolutely to download if you have problems playing AVI movies or Audio files from Windows. Unfortunately it is not able to work in streaming mode like VideoLan Client. It is also free and works with MAc OS 10.2 or higher.

This is the page from which to download it.