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MobileMe: here are the news of the last few days

Users registered for MobileMe online services have been able to notice changes and news over the last few days that Apple has gradually introduced up to the tweaks made this night concerning the iDisk and that user icons in the command bar. With an official post published on the Apple support site, it officially announces the news and improvements introduced.

In addition to accessing the help and tips section, which can now be activated directly from the command bar, Cupertino has introduced several improvements concerning the section dedicated to the management of e-mail, in the online photo and video galleries, in the iDisk section and in the one dedicated to Lastly, other user accounts concern calendars and Push contacts. As for online galleries, iPhone 3G S users can now publish videos recorded with their smartphone in the photo gallery, also now if there is no gallery, this is created automatically when the user publishes a photo or video using a paperback with iPhone OS 3.0.

In the e-mail functions, users who forward HTML email messages will notice that the original format was retained, whereas before the email was forwarded after being converted to plain text. Now the number of email messages still to be read is indicated both in the entry box and in each of the folders created by the user. Finally, iPhone and iPod touch users with the iPhone OS 3.0 system can also search for messages stored on the Internet via MobileMe. As regards the iDisk functions, a problem has been resolved that prevented the recognition of email addresses using the file sharing function, while now the browser displays the status of the operation completely when a user uploads data within a public folder.

In the management of the accounts Apple has solved some problems that prevented the recognition of some personal sites for iWeb hosting, also solved problems for some expired accounts that could not be converted into accounts that were part of the familiar packages of MobileMe. In the management of calendars and contacts in Push mode, Apple now allows you to combine existing data with the first synchronization process. Furthermore, during the cancellation of a MobileMe account or in the event of deactivation of the Push functionality, users can keep a copy of the data on their device.

The latest news concerns the Back to My Mac function and the Find My iPhone functions and remote deletion. In the first case, users can access Back to My Mac from any system without having to enter the machine's username and password. In the event of theft or loss, the user can locate iPhone on a map on, make sure to display a message on the smartphone screen and make it sound even if silent mode has been activated, finally it is possible to delete all the stored data. on iPhone with the Remote Wipe.