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Minneapolis, wireless hub.

Minneapolis, wireless hub. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a little delay on the roadmap and with an unwelcome surprise, the wireless network of Minneapolis-St Paul international airport, now complete with terminals C, D, E, F as well as in the Lindbergh hall, in the Northstar Crossing and in the lounge of Northwest Airlines (terminals Humphrey, A, B and C are still missing). In January we had accounted for the work in progress of Concourse Communications Group (which built the infrastructure for free), iPass Inc. (which provides the access to the web and manage payments) and Cisco (for technologies) on behalf of the Metropolitan Airport Commission. It is a mixed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system but the gratuity (and this is bad news) will be valid only until the end of the in April, after logging in, it will cost $ 8 every 24 hours, an amount to be paid on the first connection by credit card.

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