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Microsoft USB and Mac OS X keyboards meet

marzo 26, 2020

Microsoft USB and Mac OS X keyboards meet – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Thanks to the IntelliType Pro software it is possible to manage all the multimedia capabilities and additional keys of the Microsoft USB keyboards also on the Mac. In reality the keyboards work perfectly as they come out of the box but it is not possible without the special drivers to take advantage of all the additional features such as the scroll wheel and the buttons dedicated to multimedia or to the launch of applications. Furthermore, the biggest drawback is the exchange of positions between the Alt / Option keys and the Apple button. Unfortunately, the drivers have not yet been made. for Mac OS X and keyboards they can be exploited only partially with Apple's new OS and at least at the moment the most annoying problem is solved with this driver by Alessandro Levi Montalcini and the most used keys return to their place. drivers for Microsoft peripherals we can expect a full version of all the options and commands for X in a very short time mpo. To download "USBKeyswapMS", visit the page dedicated to Mac OS X by A.L.M.

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