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Manage multiple accounts in any application for iPhone, iPod and iPad


Slices the perfect program to use, manage and have multiple accounts in any application for iPhone, iPod and iPad (Cydia Jailbreak)

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad with Jailbreak, this truly indispensable program: it's calledSlices and allows you to manage multiple accounts in any application on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Practically withSlices you can use any application with multiple accounts: you can have multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in all those programs that normally require login to work.

Slices a very light but extremely comfortable program that allows you to manage multiple accounts of the same program on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. ConSlices you can therefore have two (or more) Instagram accounts on the iPhone, which is normally not possible, since without this tweak it would be necessary to log in every time and enter and exit the program, with the consequent loss of a lot of time. But let's see what Slices for iPhone, iPod and iPad offers in detail.

As we have already said,Slices the indispensable tweak to have a sort of multiuser on iPhone, iPod and iPad and to manage easily multiple accounts on our Apple devices. As we know, contrary to Android, there is no real multi-user feature on iOS, but thanks to Slices it is possible to obtain a kind of multiuser for individual applications. ConSlices, in fact, each application can be divided into "different parts" and each of these will have its own saves and settings that you can choose when starting the application itself. Use the Slices program very simple and you can configure all your parameters and settings from the settings menu of iPhone, iPod and iPad.

In the first part of the settings you can activate or deactivate the tweak, while pressing on "Applications" you can choose the applications to add new "users". You can create "users" by clicking on Create Slice: the first user created will have the saves and settings already present in the application, while subsequent users will be able to start the game or application as if it were the first time and will therefore have to configure it from scratch as if it were was just installed. Finally, by activating "Ask on Touch", you will be asked each time you start the application with which "user" to start the application to better manage the multi-user on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

When the application starts (if the Ask on Touch option is activated) you will be asked which "user" to start the app with: in this way you will have the possibility of always select the user you want to use when starting each individual application, without having to re-enter your login information every time.

I think Slices is a really indispensable tweak for all jailbreak iPhone, iPod and iPad users: it allows you to manage

Tweak download:

Obviously you need jailbreak to be able to use this tweak on iPhone, iPod and iPad. This tweak is currently the best available to have:

  • multiple instagram accounts
  • multiple dropbox accounts
  • multiple gmail accounts
  • multiple facebook accounts
  • multiple twitter accounts

A program to be installed immediately on your devices!

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