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Macintosh and Land Registry: the solution is around the corner

Macintosh and Cadastre: the solution is around the corner – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The software house which, among other things, is distributing the ProFat software for billing and management of professional notices for free professionals for free, thus describes the program that will solve the problem of many technical studies forced to purchase a PC for management only of cadastral practices:

– MacDo creates the practice for D.O.C.F.A. 3 in native MacOs environment – generates the files for D.O.C.F.A. to be presented to the Office of the Competent Territory. – guarantees compatibility with D.O.C.F.A. OFFICE and the compatibility of Classification data. – generates all the files to be attached to DOCFA, SUB list, polygon files (NTF), plans and EP elaboration. – allows the insertion of the calculation surfaces of the polygons directly in numerical format .Does not require emulators or other applications.

For more information visit the EMME Software website.

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