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"It looked like a skunk had entered the room." This is the colorful but also explanatory description of the feeling that RedHat representatives perceived when they presented themselves at a meeting with a PC manufacturer to propose the purchase of their products. An inconvenience, RedHat Chief Technology Officer Michael Tiemann explained yesterday in a deposition presented to Judge Kollar-Kotelly, which arose essentially from the difficulty that OEMs face when dealing with business that can annoy Microsoft. And talking with a RedHat representative, explained Tiemann, certainly something that bothers Microsoft. "The problem that they (the producers of NDR PCs) always ask themselves – said Tiemann – how can Microsoft react to this type of contacts ", Implying that the intimidating power of Redmond is still very present and the agreement reached with the DOJ can do little to reduce it. Tiemann then said that Linux is not able at this moment to be a real alternative to Windows for the inability to run Office and Internet Explorer. The RedHat CTO then said that Microsoft has worked in the past to ensure that its clients are not functioning properly than with its server products.

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