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LG Senses of the Future is the best artistic installation of Design Week 2017 (gallery)

LG Senses of the Future the best artistic installation of Design Week 2017 (gallery) –

Combining the pulsating shades of color composed on seats made with LG TV and an immense wall that the sum of an infinite series of equipotential LED sources: in this successful designer Tokujin Yoshioka with his ability to synthesize the conceptual, technological, narrative and emotional aspects in a single project.

The combination earned LG, which has been celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the foundation, the Milano Design Award that has selected over 40 installations during the Design week.

LG Senses of the future

Macitynet has visited for you the fascinating installation created in the large spaces of Superstudio Piu in Via Tortona: to accompany us in a dark environment the group of young assistants who had hung a single LED module around their neck that we would find in the large wall of the sun that was lit suddenly exponentially increasing the contrast with the phase of partial lighting of the screens arranged in the exhibition area.

Below are some images of the installation.

And here the videos of the official presentation.

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