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Jobs, a $ 37 million "present"

Jobs, a 37 million dollar "present" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Jobs continues to receive a salary of one dollar a year, but certainly it cannot be said that the "poor" CEO is forced to starve. After receiving a $ 43 million jet and having also received the payment of 44 millions of dollars in taxes owed to the Federal Government for owning a means of transport considered (perhaps not wrongly) to be luxury, Jobs last October had the option to purchase 7.5 million Apple shares. Considering that the price set for the option of $ 18.3 per share if the CEO decides to put them on the market could make something like $ 37 million, about 43 million euros, or about eighty billion billions of old lire. specified, in any case, that as stated in the SEC document, the US Consob, Jobs could only collect 25% of the shares diluting the rest in the next three years.The SEC document also reveals other details on the salaries of Apple managers . The highest paid financial operations manager Fred Anderson who receives 657,039 salary; Tim Cook, receives $ 452,219 with a $ 500,000 bonus for 2001, Jonathan Rubinstein had $ 469,737, Avie Tevanian $ 460,873. One million Apple shares worth $ 16.81 went to Anderson, Cook, Rubinstein and Tevanian. Apple then announced that it will vote on a proposal at the next meeting of the members according to which the committee that decides the awards and bonuses will no longer be able to sit not only employees of managers, but also large Apple customers and members of boards of directors of which the CEO himself is a member. If the proposal will be accepted Jerome York, CEO of Micro Warehouse, one of the major customers of Apple, and a current member of both the Apple board of directors and the employee rewards and rewards committee, will have to resign from the latter. Neither can Millard Drexler, CEO of the casual fashion house The Gap and Apple's board member, have his say on the committee. Jobs actually sits on the board of directors of Gap

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