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iPhone ready for T-Mobile in the UK?

iPhone could end up in the hands of T-Mobile customers in the UK. To launch the indiscretion The Register, a British online magazine.

The site, known for its scoops (and on some occasions for its blunders), rather smoky in providing a precise reference regarding the sources. We only learn that it would have been T-Mobile itself to launch by voice; how this happened quite controversially. The Register first started direct talks, then claims that the rumor would have rebounded from a call center that would have mentioned it to customers (including a journalist on the site who seems to understand it). Only those who are unaware of the obsessive care for confidentiality that surrounds everything about Apple can think that a call center operator has been informed and above all authorized to speak on the subject; however, there is little or no chance that T-Mobile, as The Register says, has obtained a contract to sell the 3G model while 3GS would have been reserved for the current exclusivist, or O2. Accepting an agreement that only allows you to sell a one-year-old model while the competitor present with both the same model and the most recent ones, has no commercial or image sense at all latitudes. The whole story becomes surreal if we consider that the old exclusive model should be sold at the price of last year, with the prospect, however, of going out of production probably probably in the autumn when the exclusivity with O2 ends.

In short, the fact that even in England, as in Germany, the current exclusivists will no longer be such before long, very reliable and written in all the moves implemented over the past few weeks by Apple. That this happens with the methods described by The Register seems frankly impossible, given what has happened so far. On the other hand, the English site (which in the past has already made a mistake on iPhone forecasts, proclaiming, for example, the commercial failure, the effect of strangulation, which never happened, by mobile operators), claims that in the United Kingdom Orange would also be close to have an agreement with Apple.

Actually, most of the clues currently point to an end of the exclusive contract and to a second operator who will arrive shortly before Christmas 2009, but the sources consulted by Macity, in particular some analysts, believe that in pole position there is 3 UK.