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iPhone and ipod Touch. The best summer 2009 apps: social networking

marzo 26, 2020

The variety of applications available for iPhone and iPod touch is incredible. It is impossible to discern by precisely listing all the various genres, subgenres, assorted specialties; in our selection we made a choice, starting from the applications for social networking, or for those Apps that allow us to keep in touch, using very popular services on the Web, with our friends and acquaintances.

The Social Network depopulated on the Net as a form of communication and aggregation that sees in iPhone and iPod Touch the ideal ways to stay in touch with our friends and work colleagues thanks to a multitude of applications, also free.

First the mobile phone, then the SMS, now the network with the social network. Global communication through portable devices reaches new levels of interaction with programs that allow you to access chat, make calls also in VOIP (only via WiFi), create personal profiles to meet new people, surround yourself with friends with whom you can share the same interests in working and playful environment, looking for a soul mate. Certainly among the "social networks", the one that has reached the absolute peak of popularity, rising to an undisputed cultural phenomenon Facebook, from whose description begins our excursus on the main free social network applications available for iPhone and iPod Touch (the latter requires optional microphone for access to VOIP programs).

Facebook. It enjoys a planetary diffusion out of the question: professionals, students, housewives, kids, everyone uses Facebook to keep in touch with their friends, family and work colleagues and an ad hoc application for iPhone and iPod Touch could certainly not be missing. The new version recently landed on the AppStore guarantees full compatibility with the new firmware 3.0. Localized in Italian, the application allows almost complete management of your account: profile, status, mail, search for friends, chat, sending photos taken with the iPhone camera or chosen from the library.

AIM the instant messaging program developed by AOL. Supports AIM, Mobileme and .mac, the protocols used by iChat, the well-known chat application pre-installed on Macs. AIM does not allow sending or receiving multimedia content (images and sounds) and when we write the use in landscape only possible with the paid version. In spite of its limited functions compared to other messaging applications, on the other hand it enjoys good connection speed and stability and among the few that have already implemented push notification, a new firmware 3.0, which allows the reception of messages when the application is closed.

Nimbuzz is one of the most downloaded multiprotocol instant messenger programs. The versatility of the supported protocols (Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Facebook, MySPace, GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ, etc.) allows you to chat, interact with Facebook and make VoIP calls to your contacts, free of charge, and to landlines and mobile phones : this solution, especially in the case of calls to international numbers, allows a significant reduction in costs thanks to the advantageous rates offered by services such as SkypeOut. Unlike other applications, Nimbuzz also allows the VoiP in 2G and 3G as well as in Wifi, through the exclusive Dial-Up VoIP service that allows you to call, through a local number, a Nimbuzz server that transfers the phone call to the desired number, wherever it is. At the time of writing, push notification support is not yet available but the developer has promised its implementation shortly.

Netlog: a famous Belgian social network, very similar to Facebook, which has found wide acceptance among young people. In addition to the management of the basic functions (blog, signature of the guestbook, search for new friends, screams) you can send a photo taken on the fly with iPhone or chosen from the library and, in devices equipped with GPS, send geolocation to your friends. Unfortunately it is not possible, like other similar applications, to send videos but certainly the possibility offered by the new iPhone 3G S to record videos will encourage the developer to implement support in a future update.

Twitterrific a social network that allows, through messages of a maximum length of 140 characters called "tweets", to quickly inform one's friends on what is being done at a given moment. The Twitterrific application is one of the best Twitter clients and easily allows the forwarding of "tweets" which can be enriched by coordinates through geolocation and photos taken on the fly with iPhones or chosen from the library. It is possible to manage multiple accounts, perform searches, send personal messages, access tweets on topics of particular interest (trend), change the appearance of the interface. The graphics are well cared for and seasoned with video and audio effects.

Skype, the reference platform for instant messaging and VoiP, lands on the App Store with an application that for completeness of functions can compete almost on equal terms with the counterpart on computers, except of course for the video chat not possible on iPhone and iPod touch. Skype allows you to chat with online contacts via text and audio, using the iPhone as if you were making any phone call. Through the SkypeOut paid service it is possible to make international and mobile calls with particularly advantageous rates. Unfortunately it is not possible to send and receive files (images, sounds). VoIP is only possible via WiFi: this is not a defect in the application but a limitation decided by Apple and probably by the telephone companies.

My Space MobileIn the ever wider panorama of social networks, one in particular makes its way into the world of music: MySpace, a virtual space particularly frequented by authors and musical groups who publish their creations. With MySpace Mobile you can send and receive messages. watch what your friends are doing, share photos, leave messages on the bulletin board and look for other people with common interests.

In addition to allowing access to the main instant messaging services (Skyoe, MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ), FringFring allows you to make VoIP calls via WiFi with SIP protocol. Compatibility with Skype allows access to particularly advantageous rates for inVoIP calls abroad and free calls to Skype users on computers.

And you? what do you think of this ranking? What are the social networking applications you prefer and use? Which ones would you have included in your personal Hit? You can reply directly on the Macitynet Forum on this page of the iPhonia section.

If you want the complete ranking with all the categories we advise you to download the PDF guide "Juice" Summer 2009 version which shows all 96 applications reported by our site as well as a lot of information on iPod touch and iPhone, information and tricks on iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0.