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iPhone also for 3 customers of Denmark and Sweden

Not only Italy, but also Denmark and Sweden for the iPhone of 3. In addition to our country, the two Nordic nations also officially announce from their website the availability of the phone in the offer for their local customers.

As for Sweden, there is already a launch date: 31 July. Nothing, however, as regards Denmark where at the moment only the entry of iPhone into the range of phones is announced.

The announcement to keep in mind in the overall strategies on which Apple now seems to be moving. In the embrace with the Hutchison Whampoa group, the attempt to pass the exclusivity system on which the iPhone system started (a phone for a single operator for each country) to a total deregulation seems to be perceived very clearly: both in Italy and in Italy. Denmark as in Sweden, iPhone available from three different operators; currently remain with an exclusivity

Also interesting is the fact that 3 seems to have reached a global agreement, very similar to what had allowed Vodafone to launch iPhones in different countries of the world at the same time last year. Now the mobile arm of Hutchison Whampoa has the telephone in all its most important markets in the world: Australia, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Hong Kong. In the coming days, it should not be excluded that iPhone may also appear in the price lists of the remaining countries where 3 operates: Austria, Indonesia and Ireland. As for the United Kingdom, according to many sources (including some consulted directly from our site) there has been an interest but the deal will not be able to be concluded until the exclusivity with O2 terminer, most likely in the autumn.

In any case, the Italian market is crucial for 3.

Our country with its nearly 9 million customers is by far the most important commercial space in the world for the Asian group which has around 24 million subscribers in all, as if to say that Italy alone weighs more than 37% of the total of 3 subscribers. Although important branches of 3 in Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom put together they hardly get to make the Italian numbers. Sweden, Denmark, Austria, always put together, reach no more than 1.6 million users. Behind Italy lies 3 Indonesia, a country that certainly does not have the same spending power as ours, with approximately 5.5 million subscribers. As if to say that even if 3 were able to give iPhones to all the countries where it now operates, the United Kingdom excluding the country for which it must wait for the end of the O2 exclusivity, it would have a user base slightly higher than that of Italy alone , a nation, moreover, that has shown to have a great passion for Apple's mobile phone as well as the habit of spending a lot on trendy mobile phones.