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iPhone: 3 launches its offer on July 17th

iPhone: 3 launches its offer on July 17 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The official iPhone 3 offer will be launched on July 17. The announcement arrives on the Twitter channel where it reads: "or you can say loud: from July 17, iphone 3g / 3gs in the best 3 stores and online".

The Twitter channel, a now traditional system from which the main news on the iPhone and 3 Italy emerged (including the "crypto-announcement" of the next agreement with Apple), in recent days had reiterated that the offers available for a few days had been frozen and therefore there should have been no news, even if Macity has learned that the operator of Hutchison Whampoa is evaluating some adjustments (not only for iPhone but also for iPhone) for extra-threshold traffic. The plans of 3 are particularly attractive both for those who have an iPhone with a prepaid card and for those who choose to make a subscription; also low are the costs of the terminals which are identical to those chosen by Apple: 499 for the 8 GB, 599 and 699 for the 16 GB and 32 GB 3GS respectively. The only concrete, well-known disadvantage is that of roaming: where 3 phones are not present, they connect to the Tim network with a data cost per MB of 60 cents, an aspect that must be carefully evaluated by those who often travel in suburban areas and resides in small towns.

Recall that in the past 3 days had predicted that last would be the last Saturday without iPhone. Evidently the plan of 3 was to launch the offer within this week; according to Macity sources, the delay was due to some supply problems: 3 would like to have some well-stocked key stores which is not possible with the current level of Apple warehouses. In addition there are also all the problems of an operator who is new to the iPhone product with all that follows.

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