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Intel votes for the merger between HP and Compaq

Intel votes for the merger between HP and Compaq – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel in favor of the merger between HP and Compaq. The Californian company in fact announced yesterday that it will vote in favor of the operation during the shareholders' meeting to be held next week. Intel controls not even 60,000 shares but the move has strong symbolic power since it is, with Microsoft, the smallest important protagonist of the PC industry. The fact that Intel is in favor of the merger, therefore, could convince many small shareholders to take sides in favor of the merger. Intel's decision, however, does not appear unexpected. According to some observers, in fact, the colossus of Santa Clara sees in HP a reality more independent than Compaq with respect to its technologies. The hope that the merger will lead the new company that will be born to lead to an approval in terms of motherboards and products and that Intel chip supplies will benefit from it. Even though HP said it has no intention of moving to Intel architecture in its high-end server market, it is likely that in the PC and low-end servers market it will be possible to endorse an approval if the agreement goes through. on the other hand, the announcement that BancOne, an investment company, has also decided to vote in favor, is less symbolic. In this case, there are over 5 million shares that will end up weighing on the final outcome of the ballot. At the moment, the voting declarations against are approximately 21%, the voting in favor only 8%. But everything will be decided in the context of the 'final confrontation' venue and it will be the small if not the smallest shareholders who will weigh heavily

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