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In London Harrods uses electric vehicles for deliveries

In London Harrods uses electric vehicles for deliveries – Harrods

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Nissan e-NV200 100% electric joins the delivery fleet of Harrods, London's famous luxury department store. Harrods is only the most recent of many European companies that have chosen Nissan's 100% electric commercial vehicle for their corporate fleet; according to the car manufacturer, over 27,000 vehicles of this type are used throughout Europe for professional use.

The official delivery of the electric van to Harrods took place at the luxurious Knightsbridge building. The Japanese manufacturer's vehicle has been customized to fit Harrods' deliveries. The fully refrigerated load compartment and customized shelves have been added for the transport of food products in optimal conditions. The exteriors have also been personalized with the traditional colors of Harrods, green and gold, to be immediately recognizable on the streets of London.

NV200 has an autonomy of up to 170 km on a single charge, so simply recharge it once to complete up to 50 deliveries per week within the perimeter of the capital, covering an average distance of 241 km. Nissan talks about operating costs of 4 euros per 100 kilometers. In 1919 Harrods already used American Walker electric vans and over time built a fleet of 60 electric vehicles to deliver goods to London customers. Later, with the spread of petrol engines, the electric had been abandoned. Thanks to the introduction and development of new infrastructures and technologies, the department store has restored the electric fleet.

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