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Improve Mac OS X security with VirusTotal, Google's new tool


Google releases VirusTotal for OS X, will improve the security of Apple's desktop operating system (Download)

Everyone thinks that Mac OS X, Apple's operating system for desktop and laptop computers, is completely safe and protected from viruses and malware. This is unfortunately not true. Although undoubtedly Mac OS X is a safer and less attackable operating system than Windows(also because it is much less widespread, especially in the workplace), absolutely not true than for Mac there are no viruses and malware. Rather, sometimes there are malicious software even more powerful than those available for Windows, which act undisturbed precisely because users think that there are no viruses for Mac.

In fact, many users thinking thatfor Mac there are no viruses, they decide not to use any antivirus and no software to protect web browsing sessions. But they are wrong. That's why Google has decided to take action to help Mac users protect their computer, their private files and web browsing sessions. From today, in fact, The VirusTotal for Mac program is available for download. Available for some time in online and Windows version, from nowVirusTotal will help Mac users protect their operating system from viruses, malware and malicious software.

We see how it works and what it offers VirusTotal for Mac.

Maybe not everyone knowsVirusTotal, so let's try to make a brief introduction to this software.With VirusTotal, when a user finds a suspicious file on his PC or online, he can upload it to the web (in a space made available free by VirusTotal) to request the software to do the analysis to detect any malware. Very interesting is the possibility to even scan the files before downloading and also to have the simultaneous scan by many antiviruses: in this way, when we download or open a file, we will be absolutely sure that it is harmless, safe and clean.

This interesting and very useful softwareVirusTotal, once available only online and for Windows, today also arrives on Mac OS X, to stimulate and improve security in the Apple desktop ecosystem. As said, VirusTotal is a software that allows you to download a file suspected for a forensic analysis to the web, in order to find out if it is malware or not. Extremely easy to use, VirusTotal allows you to increase the security of Mac computers in an instant.

Acquired by Google in 2012, VirusTotal is quite popular in the Windows ecosystem, which we all know has always been the target of cyber criminals of all kinds and types. But from today OS X users will also be able to enjoy this useful tool, made available by Google also for Macs. You can download it immediately for OS X 10.8 and 10.9 from its homepage.

How VirusTotal for Mac works

VirusTotal integrates well into the Apple operating system: the best he does add an entry to the context menu. Right click on the suspicious file and select the item Open with> VirusTotal. It will be sent directly to the servers for analysis. Any type of file can be sent, even apps. This way you will know in an instant whether the file you downloaded is dangerous or not.

Furthermore, by launching the VirusTotal for Mac program, you can also drag files and folders directly into the window that will open to start the analysis. Wanting also possible schedule the analysis of files, folders and documents at a specific time, a very useful function for those who have tight working times and cannot occupy the bandwidth necessary to scan a file that is too large or heavy during working hours.

VirusTotal is a very light and completely free program for Mac, which I strongly recommend you to download and try. There is never too much security when it comes to the internet, viruses and malware, and such software could come in handy!

Via | VirusTotal Blog

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