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iMac, the new prices in euros

iMac, the new prices in euros – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The less welcome news of the Tokyo Macworld announcements was the price increase of the new LCD iMacs. The leap forward, which Jobs announced in $ 100 across the range for the USA, has already reverberated on the AppleStore Europe sites . The machines now cost € 1,749 respectively for the 733 MHz version with burner, 1949 for the combined burner version and € 2,299 for the DVD version. In fact, the increase was € 150 for the two mid-range models and € 100 for the high-end model. Apple cited the costs of growing two key components, such as Ram and LCD displays. Those who have followed our daily reports know that these are not simply apologies but established facts and that they are having serious repercussions not only in the field of components but also in finished products. In particular, the prices of 15-inch LCD displays 'have been the most subject to a steady increase since last January, when the iMac was launched, until today reaching a threshold that according to some analysts was not to be reached until the end of spring. In the field of monitors, an increase in the demand plays a fundamental role that is not satisfied by the offer.In addition to this it must be said that the 15-inch monitors used in the iMac are generally considered among the best on the market and therefore also among the most expensive .

In any case, Apple suggests that the choice to increase prices was not an easy one. 'We preferred to increase the costs' said Schiller stressing that the phenomenon affects the whole market' rather than reducing the equipment and impoverishing the configurations, as some of our competitors did'Cupertino, in any case, reassures all those who have pre-ordered the cars in recent days. No price increase will be applied to resellers with orders still pending and to those who have purchased on AppleStore.

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