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iLuv Rainbow8, the first Wi-Fi HomeKit bulb that works without a hub

Until now, smart HomeKit bulbs have required the presence of a dedicated control unit, but now they can do without the new iLuv Rainbow8 which integrates perfectly with Apple's iOS devices via Wi-Fi and Home Kit. This means that the control is faster than that via Bluetooth and that we can drive brightness and choose from 16 million colors even with voice commands via Siri.

Integration with HomeKit also allows you to set rules and groups. For example, we can make one or more iLuv Rainbow8 turn on at a certain time of day or according to our position, to turn on the house lights when we return from work.

Always in HomeKit it is possible to group several bulbs for example by dividing them by room or living and sleeping area, assigning specific rules for each group.

In addition to all the functions for the smart home, the manufacturer declares a useful life of 20,000 hours, twice that of competing bulbs and dozens of times higher than traditional incandescent lamps: iLuv Rainbow8 offers more light and at the same time significantly energy consumption more content.

Considering all the features offered and the operation without hub, this is a model particularly suitable for those who are starting out with their smart home and want to experiment without buying additional devices.

In USA already available at the price of 49.99 dollars.iLuv Rainbow8 5