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IHR presents a new line of accessories for iPod and MP3 players

We begin to present the numerous IHR news with sound stations: these are Made for iPod audio systems able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding music fans. Characterized by compact and modern design, these are systems in which materials and design have been taken care of in a particular way to ensure maximum fidelity of audio reproduction both at home and outdoors. The K6000 model features a body with elegant shapes made with precious wood and with internal components assembled by hand. It integrates a 77 mm subwoofer with a power of 15 watts. Audio volume, treble and bass can be adjusted using the buttons on the device or with the remote control. Designed for iPod, the K6000 can be used with MP3 players, CDs and DVD players and even computers thanks to the use of an audio cable. Available in black and white. Retail price 399 euros.

K5000: Available in black and silver versions equipped with an integrated 15 watt 88 mm subwoofer. Audio volume, treble and bass can be adjusted using the buttons on the device or with the remote control. Designed for iPod, it can be used with MP3 players, CDs and DVD players, PCs thanks to the use of an audio cable. Retail price 299 euros.

Compact and elegant K999B with Class D digital amplifier that guarantees low energy consumption, integrates high quality ZETEX components guarantees precision, purity for high frequencies, sharpness for medium, strength and amplitude for low. Designed with a combination of magnetic neodymium and multilayer carbon fiber it ensures brilliant sounds. Particularly robust, it can also be used while traveling in complete safety. It can be powered by batteries (4 AAA batteries), via USB port or 5V power supply. Designed for iPod, compatible with all MP3 players, smartphones, portable PSPs, CDs and DVD players. Public price 149 euros.

Finally, the K30002L model: Micro speaker that combines small dimensions and excellent sound reproduction. Low energy consumption, it can be powered with just two batteries for 10 hours of music at medium volume or via USB port or 5V power supply. Retail price 139 euros.

Let's now examine the new accessories proposed by IHR. For lovers of essential lines IHR has created Clooly Clip Stands in black or white. An elegantly designed iPod Touch case with belt clip that turns into a handy desk stand. In this way you can use your device vertically or horizontally in all its functions without having to hold it with your hands. For those who are looking for the same functionality but prefer the brilliance of aluminum, there is iClooly Aluminum, iPhone docking with 90 ° rotation counterclockwise and 30 forward-backward inclination. For users on the move who want to protect their player from bumps and scratches without giving up on design, IHR offers Magic Nano, Crystal Nano and Crystal Touch, a range of hard cases made of Lexan to offer protection from dust and any type of damage. Magic Nano available in the version with transparent or mirror front and sliding front system

We also remember the UOG Miniature Sound line and the Docking Nano speaker. UOG Miniature Sound, stereo mini speaker for all models of iPod, MP3 Player, PSP. They are available in 5 colors: white, black, blue, pink, silver) and equipped with a bellows system to amplify the low tones and ensure excellent sound quality. Also for iPod nano also Nano * Docking Sound White, a stereo speaker dedicated to the iPod nano and compatible with all products with headphone input (MP3, PSP …). Featuring a compact and modern design powered by 3 AAA batteries to ensure long life. The ultra-thin and ultra-flat speakers Black Sheet and White Sheet complete the IHR audio solutions. They are equipped with a practical retractable handle which facilitates their transport. The Sheet model compatible with all models of iPod and MP3 Player with 3.5 mm jack.

Retail prices: Clooly Clip Stand Black / White 19, 90 euros – iClooly Aluminum 59 euros, Magic Nano 4G Silver transparent front 14.90 euros, agic Nano 4G Silver mirror front 19.90 euros, Magic Nano 4G dark gray front transparent 14.90 euros, Magic Nano 4G dark gray mirror front 19.90 euros, Crystal Nano 4G: 14.90 euros, Crystal Touch 2G: 19.90 euros, Nano – Docking Sound White 29.90 euros, White Sheet and Sheet Black 79.90 euros, 3 iPod Recharger White 19.90 euros, Double * 2 White 14.90 euros.