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Here is the new iOS 8: All the news


Here is the new iOS 8: All the news

At 10 am in San Francisco, 7 pm in Italy, at WWDC 2014, Apple presented iOS 8. Keeping the flat design started with iOS 7, Apple has improved what good it had done on the previous release and improved where it was weak. Just think of the numerous gestures introduced that will improve and speed up the use of the smartphone. Now with a swipe to the left on a notification it will be possible to view some options, such as canceling, opening or other specific actions; for example if we receive an email it will be possible to label it, remove it or respond directly with a swipe on the notification itself.

Apple iOS 8 release date: available today for developers, coming this Fall to end-users

IOS 8 news

  • There keyboard now it suggests the words also in the Italian language and an extension to add the Swype script will be available.
  • With the'Messages app it will be possible to send messages to groups and not to select contacts one by one. Voice and video messages can be added.
  • Companies will have a particular access control system on Apple devices to increase security.
  • Healtkit (Known as Healtbook so far) allows you to have a personal assistant for both fitness and to monitor your health by integrating with applications and accessories developed by third parties. Healkit will store biometric parameters, such as blood pressure or heart rate.
  • iOS 8 has integrated a new system to share files between family members, Family Sharing. In addition to photos and videos, you can also configure up to 6 family members to use a single credit card to shop online.
  • The new photo application now allows you to search for a photo by entering text based on metadata such as the place where it was taken.
  • iCloud it allows you to store 5 Gb of data, now also Videos, and 20 GB cost $ 0.99 per month, while 200 GB 3.99 $ per month.
  • L'App Store integrates an improved app search system and allows you to try apps for free before purchasing (TestFlight).
  • iOS 8 supports i widgets but only in the notification center and not in the home.With iOS 8, Apple opens up for third-party widgets
  • iOS 8 devoted to home automation thanks to the system HomeKit which allows you to have a single system where you can manage our home.
  • SDK renewed. 4000 new API for developers.
  • CloudKit allows developers to create applications that take advantage of Apple storage.
  • Metal the new system to improve graphics using OpenGL and the new Apple processors.

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