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Foxconn is ready for seasonal demand and churning out iPhones

Foxconn, the largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic components that works for the biggest companies in the sector, Apple included, ensures that it has a large number of workers in its Chinese facilities that will allow it to meet seasonal demand, steadily and progressively recovering the shortage of manpower that he had suffered due to coronavirus.

The company issued a press release on Sunday evening to explain that the planned personnel selection targets for the factories were achieved "in advance". an important step forward compared to the beginning of March when President Young Liu communicated to investors that the Chinese structures were operating at around 50% of normal capacity.

Foxconn also points out that it has implemented rigorous measures to prevent infections. A total of 55,000 workers underwent tests for the rapid diagnosis of Covid-19 and chest x-rays were prepared for over 44,000.

Foxconn seasonal demand

The company plans to reach peak production after July when, presumably, production of the iPhone 2020s will start arriving in the autumn, as Nikkei notes. With the drop in production volume in February and March, with production levels equal to half of the traditional ones, the company must work at a fast pace to get back to full speed.

Of course Foxconn never makes statements that directly concern its customers, maintaining the maximum rise above all for the Apple business which represents a substantial percentage of its turnover. In any case, the declarations on the Foxconn operating levels capable of satisfying seasonal demand were immediately associated with the company's production capacity in meeting the production orders for the new iPhones arriving. In addition to the iPhone 2020 models, the new economic iPhone is also expected, indicated in the advances as iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2.

Foxconn's shares, trade name of the contract manufacturing giant Hon Hai Precision Industry, fell 4.7% on Monday. Investors are frightened by the sharp drop in demand for electronic devices in Europe and the United States due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The coronavirus could represent a fatal blow to the mobile market that has already been in decline for many quarters. In February 2020, global smartphone shipments dropped by an estimated 38%, the largest drop ever in global shipments.

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