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Flash 5 for examples: the book.

"Flash 5 for examples" is part of the 'Punto.web' series, published by Jackson Libri. The 'Punto.Web' series is easy to read and accessible to all, with practical examples of projects already created, the reader finds visual references on everything that is explained. We start with simple examples that concern the basic concepts of Flash, animations, the use of symbols, the timeline, to get to the basic concepts of ActionScript, connect to an HTML page, to Finally, an internal scene takes into consideration more complex examples of ActionScript, to create forms, calculators and animations controlled by the programming language. This book full of easy-to-follow instructions offers many examples of immediate visualization to discover Flash 5 and be immediately operational. The result is a practical approach that is not reflected in other publications. In a nutshell, as it also says in the book: less time, less effort, more results!

With targeted examples and step-by-step instructions, this guide will teach you, among other things, to: – Create Movie Player and interactive scenes; – Use multiple navigation techniques; – Create multimedia presentations, complex animations and dynamic screensavers; – Create interactive figures, movie clips and colored electronic books; – Create web counters, drop-down menus and multimedia modules;

Publisher: Jackson LibriAuthor: Epic SoftwarePrice: Euro 25.31

(edited by Gianfranco Cotumaccio)