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Elon Musk «The revolutionary Tesla Semi electric trucks arrive in September»

Elon Musk The revolutionary Tesla Semi electric trucks arrive in September –

After the cars, Tesla also wants to produce electric trucks. Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the new vehicles will arrive in September, writing that "the team has done an incredible job". The entrepreneur, president and CEO of Tesla, already in July last year had spoken about electric trucks announcing the second part of the "Master Plan", a plan that aims to progressively transform Tesla into something different from the company that produces luxury cars .

The "Tesla Semi" – as Musk called it – designed to reduce the costs of freight transport and improve the safety of drivers. Musk had explained that Tesla was working on two new types of electric vehicles: trucks for the transport of goods and buses for the transport of passengers, explaining that they would be presented in 2017, boasting particular characteristics especially as regards the means of public transport.

The heavy transport business poses new challenges and unknowns for the amount of energy needed to move very heavy vehicles at full load. Tesla is not alone in working on innovations in this sector. The Chinese BYD and the start-up Nikola Motor Company also work on electric vehicles of this type, which last year presented a concept of hybrid electric truck called Nikola One, on paper capable of offering autonomy of almost 2,000 km, combined power of over 2,000 HP and 5,017 Nm of maximum torque, using six electric motors, one for each wheel.

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