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Edirol announces UA-3D, USB audio interface with DTS 5.1 output

Edirol announces UA-3D, USB audio interface with DTS 5.1 output – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Edirol has announced the new UA-3D portable digital device, with USB interface and optical output with support for Dolby Surround 5.1.

The unit, with its very small size, is the heir of UA-3 and compatible with a large variety of audio recording software (support of Apple's Sound Manager), and usable for importing and recording audio via USB on a Mac Desktop or laptop. Optical output lets you send audio material recorded in 5.1 DTS or Dolby Digital Surround standards from your computer to an external decoder for a full surround listening experience. USB connection allows for quick connection to Mac and also provides the power needed by the interface.

The complete specifications are: – 16 bit internal A / D / A converter with 32 / 44.1 / 48 kHz support – Fader for controlling the input volume of guitars / keyboards with LEDs which indicates the peak has been reached – Fader for control input volume from other sources – Output volume control – USB connection – Stereo headphone output on 1/8 ″ mini-jack – Guitar input on 1/4 ″ jack – RCA stereo input – Optical S / PDIF I / O – 1/8 ″ microphone input for dynamic or condenser microphones

The interface will be distributed in the spring, at a suggested price in the US of 249 USD.

For the exploitation of Dolby Digital and DTS it will be necessary to wait for an update of Mac OS X that contains the APIs necessary for Digital Surround.

(By Daniele Volpin)

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